This is very popular and can be used for any function really, There are several Hire options which are below. There are props for guests to dress up and have some fun or just have a straight normal portrait taken. I as the photographer will be there taking the photos and each guest who attends will be given a special card with a code . The next day they can go to your special gallery and download in full resolution thier photo which will be personalized to your event. They can download all the photos if they wish as so can all the guests free of charge. This way has proven to be much better as no photos get wet with drink on the night and  guests and brides have prefered this method rather than the print on the night version..Great Fun & Best of all this way is cheaper than the old way i used to do this so the cost to you is low. I normally run this at any event for about hour and half to two hours, by then all the guests have had thier photos taken and can enjoy the rest of the night.





The Green screen is fun and templates can be made for kids, tv films etc and you or all can be placed into any scene.

















This Hire fee is for birthdays / engagment parties.



This is the cheapest hire .

Hire the Mobile Photobooth Studio & Myself. I will attend the event for about 2 hours ( which is normally long enough for all the guests to get what they want ).

The above Photo studio cost with unlimited downloads .

price for hire of Event Studio & Myself is £150


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AVAILABLE FOR Weddings / Partys / Proms and any other event.